Merry Christmas from The Reel Bits!

Bad Santa

Or should that be a Merry Bitsmas? We’d like to extend our love and best wishes to our readers, friends and colleagues and wish you all a safe and happy Christmas.

We hope that there are some great DVDs and Blu-rays under the tree for everyone, and that your stockings are as full as your bellies. If not, just take it easy, get drunk, ring your friends and family and have a generally good time.

It comes but once a year, so make the most of it while it lasts and we’ll meet you back here on the other side. There’s plenty of movies out at this time of year, so rest assured that we will be back on track with discussing all of these things as soon as we are able to extract ourselves from the food-induced coma that we will inevitably slide into over the coming days.

We’d also like to take the opportunity to thank everybody that has supported us over the last year, and what a terrific year it has been. We certainly have plenty to be thankful for, and it wouldn’t be possible without the really enthusiastic response we’ve had from the studios, our fellow critics and writers and of course, you the readers. You make this worthwhile.

We’ll leave you with this clip from the classic 1960s Batman TV series, in which the boys receive a very special visit: