Kevin Conroy Reveals DC Animated Flashpoint Plans

Flashpoint - DC Comics Cover

On the latest episode of Comic Book Club, voice actor Kevin Conroy – the go-to guy for Batman voice acting (Batman: The Animated Series, Batman: Arkham Asylum etc) – may have inadvertently revealed that DC Entertainment will be adapting last year’s comic event series Flashpoint for a direct-to-DVD animated film.

Just last night, I recorded a new animated movie that features the Flash, it’s more about the Flash, but Batman is in it as well. It’s a Flash…Flash… Flashpoint. Flashpoint? I think it’s Flashpoint.

Flashpoint was the DC Comics event of 2011 that effectively put an end to the ‘old’ DC Universe continuity, allowing them to launch The New 52 with a roster of new and reworked characters, parting ways with over seven decades of continuity. No official word from DC Entertainment means we have no additional details about this, or whether this will lead to a reboot of DC’s animated universe. It would be interesting to see some of the new versions of the characters animated, although the animated universe remains one of the few places that the original characters can still be seen.

The next feature released will be Superman Vs. The Elite, based on 2001 Action Comics #775 story “What’s So Funny About the Truth, Justice and the American Way” by Joe Kelly, Doug Mahnke and one of our favourite artists, Lee Bermejo. The DC animated films and series have been some of their strongest adaptations to date.