Count Vertigo Coming to Arrow?

Count Vertigo - DC Showcase

Green Arrow - Mini Series (1983) #2 - Count VertigoThe comic book version of Green Arrow has never had the rogues gallery of a Batman or even Rocket Raccoon for that matter. Yet Count Vertigo, a descendent of the family that ruled the eastern European country of Vlatava, repeatedly used his discombobulating powers to throw Green Arrow and his partner Black Canary off balance. Now TV Line reports that Vertigo is set to make an appearance in an upcoming episode of Arrow, but perhaps not as we know him.

According to the source, “the character will be very different from the Vlatavan count in the comics — so much so that he’s likely even getting a new name. On the other hand, the deadly new drug that becomes all the rage in Starling City in the Big Bad’s introductory episode (set to air in early 2013) will be called Vertigo!”

This makes sense, given that the series has to date been very grounded in a kind of Mike Grell (Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters) by way of Andy Diggle (Green Arrow: Year One) sort of thing. The DC characters that have appeared or have been announced to date have complemented this vibe, including Deadshot, Deathstroke, China White and Huntress.

We really love that CW and DC are taking their time on this, building a world for Arrow to inhabit. We hope this show is here for the long haul. Let the casting rumours begin!

  • WadeWWilson87

    With all of my Smallville withdrawal, Arrow is the only
    thing helping my comic book fix. I’m happy to see a lot of DC characters making
    their appearance. Vertigo will be a good villain, and I’ve already started
    telling some DISH coworkers how awesome he is. Arrow has plenty of memorable
    moments and action, so I’m planning to save the entirety of this season to my
    DISH Hopper to relive those moments whenever I’m feeling nostalgic. By the end of
    this first season, the CW will have opened up a big part of the DC universe—something
    I’m more than fine with.

    • It’s one of the best comic book TV series in a long time. I was never a huge ‘Smallville’ fan, but I loved the chance to see so many DC characters come to life. ARROW is moving at just the right pace to my liking. Also glad that they aren’t going for obvious ‘capes’, but for gritty and grounded characters.