First look at Cinema Viscera’s noir inspired ‘Trench’, plus call for support

Trench (teaser)

What is TRENCH? It’s a film coming soon from Australian indie filmmakers Cinema Viscera. It’s also “a modern girl-powered detective comedy/thriller, shot like a 1940s film noir and celebrating the beautiful city of Melbourne.” The first teaser footage has arrived, and it is shaping up to be every bit of the tense noir promised.

The long-gestating project is the brainchild of Cinema Viscera’s Paul Anthony Nelson, the director/co-writer/producer of TRENCH, and Peri Cummings, writer and actress. In the film, reclusive writer Becky Holt is being stalked in her high-rise apartment, so Samantha Slade, failed stand-up comedian turned fledgling private eye, comes to her aid… for a fee, of course. But will her first case be the death of them? With a female lead and what looks like a decent sense of humour about it, TRENCH could be the 21st century Australian tip of the hat to Robert Altman’s The Long Goodbye.

The cast includes Scott Major (Neighbours), Cate Wolfe (The Doctor Blake Mysteries), Samantha Hill (Murder at Warrabah House), Perri Cummings (Neighbours), Lulu McClatchy (Not Suitable for Children), Dave Lamb (The Bazura Project), Simon Godfrey (of stand-up comedy duo This is Siberian Husky), Guy Davis (The Interview), and Leighton Phair (Thank God You’re Here).

Support Australian artists and get a tax deduction

You can contribute to the post-production of the film – and, in fact, you probably should! Along with helping out the team, all donations in Australia are tax deductible! This is due to it being a project produced with funding from the ACF. Hit up to find out more about this exciting Australian indie project.