Korea’s ‘Golden Slumber’ international trailer has a man on the run

Golden Slumbers

Covers of songs by The Beatles make for the best trailer soundtracks. CineAsia Australia has announced the 1 March 2018 release of GOLDEN SLUMBER (골든 슬럼버), a new thriller from director No Dong-Seok (Haunted Obsession, Boys of Tomorrow). You can check out the international trailer below.

Based on the novel Remote Control by Kotaro Isaka (Fish Story), it follows Gun-Woo (Gang Dong-Won, soon to be seen in the upcoming Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade), an ordinary parcel delivery man. He becomes involved in a conspiracy by a powerful man and is soon on the run after being falsely accused of assassinating a presidential candidate.

This is actually the second adaptation of Kotaro’s book. The novel was last adapted in 2010 in its native Japan by director Yoshihiro Nakamura with Masato Sakai in the lead role. This new version also stars Han Hyo-ju and Kim Eui-sung.

It hits Korean cinemas on 14 February 2018 as part of a wave of New Year releases. Australians will get a chance to check it out for themselves when it is released locally in early March.